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We believe in teaching and adhering to the highest standard of ethics and ICF Core Coaching Competencies. We voluntarily submit our curriculum, faculty qualifications, as well as our policies and procedures. We have done this since the launch of our first CTI in 2010, because we want out coaches to know that our programs are aligned with the high standards they deserve in a training program.

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“There is a lot of burnout amongst physicians, different challenges and understanding the next steps in their career. There’s been changes in medicine and an increased focus on physician wellness. I decided to look into coaching for that reason, to help other physicians who may have communication challenges or are dealing with stress and burnout.”
Derek Johnson, MD, CPEC
“I felt like I was missing something in terms of how to be a coach. That’s what I loved about the work I did in [CPEC]. That’s when I built my own confidence as a coach. The beauty of bringing coaching the way I learned in CPEC is that it really allows an opportunity to examine yourself and become self aware of your own thoughts and actions, specifically as it affects the students you come in contact with.”
Tahira Bell, MA, CPEC
“I use coaching in almost every interaction I have. It’s just such a powerful tool and experience. Going through CTI/CPEC has been so instrumental for me doing that as a facilitator and coach. It’s such an underutilized skill and capability that everyone has. I feel like coaching has taken mine to the next level where people are surprised, I’m actually listening to what they have to say.”
Eugin Ahn, CPEC

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